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Corman is not responsible for any damages, however considered, that occurred to the visitor who has accessed, or has been unable to gain access, this site or as a result of information provided by this website. Corman does not accept any responsibility for direct or indirect damages resulting from links to or from other websites. This restriction also applies to the possible damage to computers or viruses that can infect the equipment.

Corman can not verify the contents of the emails where Corman logo is used by third parties, and therefore do not accepts any responsibility for damages, however considered, direct or indirect, arising from such e-mail. The information included in the website is to be considered as non-confidential.



Corman reserves the right to modify and / or update the terms and conditions of use at any time. Corman will always provide the latest version of the website.


Information about “cookies”

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the electronic devices (PC, tablet, etc ..) while browsing a website. Cookies are then sent back to the source website during each further navigation, or are sent to a different web site that is able to recognize that specific cookie. Cookies act as a memory for a website, allowing the website to recognize a device at each subsequent visit.

1) Technical cookies:
they are used for the sole purpose of ” carrying out the transmission of a communication on an electronic communications network, or insofar as this is strictly necessary, to the provider of an information society service that has been explicitly requested by the contracting party or user to provide the said service “(cfr. art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Code) They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed by the owner or the manager of the website.

They can be divided into:

    1. Navigation cookies or session cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to provide a purchase or authenticate to restricted areas);
    2. Analytics cookies, similar to the technical cookies when used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, about the number of users and how they visit the website;
    3. Functional cookies that allow a user to browse in relation to a set of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service obtained.

The user’s consent is not required for the installation of these cookies.

2) Profiling cookies:
they are intended to create profiles on the user and are used in order to send promotional messages in line with the user’s preferences conveyed during the navigation or while visiting specific sections.

The user’s consent is required for the installation of these cookies.

3) Third-party Cookies:
Cookies they are related to external domains of the site, installed by a different person and not controlled by Corman. The Third Parties are directly responsible, as data controllers, for cookies they installed via the Corman site, as well as for the processing actives involved.


Types of cookies used by this website

Corman notifies the users that this website uses the following types of cookies:
1. Technical Session Cookies:
they are meant to guarantee the navigation of the site and store the data included in the published forms. These cookies are not stored permanently on the browsers and disappear when closing the browser. Visitors can always choose which cookies to authorize by specific configurations of their browser. Option can be usually found in the Options / Privacy tabs. In case visitors disable the technical cookies, they are unlikely to be able to use parts of the site.

2. Google Analytics Cookies:
they are intended to create anonymous profiles on the user for analyzing the navigation flow on the website and provide Corman with reports concerning the frequency with which users visit the pages of the website and about the time of the visit. Corman is not responsible for the abovementioned processing of data held by Google.
Users can consult the privacy policy of Google Inc., on the Google Analytics service, at the following link link.
To decline the use of Google Analytics cookies, the user must change the browser settings by following the instructions posted on the Google site at the following link link.
Disabling the Google Analytics cookie does not prevent the use of this website. However, it does not allow Corman to make the abovementioned statistics.

3. Social Cookies
The website uses third party cookies that allow users to interact with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, …) and in particular to share website contents through the abovementioned social networks.

Cookie name: Social cookies – purpose: Technical – Type: Part Three

Duration: session cookies and persistent cookies.
The pages of this website implement sections of code from other websites, to ensure the visitor sees the correct count of shares of a given page and to allow sharing between users.
These other websites use cookies of which the operator of this website has no control and does not have access to such data.

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